What started out, allegedly, as a yard sale turned into a mess in San Carlos Park. According to NBC2, “Broken beer bottles, smashed furniture and glass are for sale”. It also looks like the resident was collecting trash from other people and bringing it over to his yard. One woman put a grill out in the garbage and it ended up over there.  Here’s the story:


Today, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office took action. ”

Today, members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Bureau and Community Response Unit helped restore safety and security for the residents of the San Carlos Park community.
Sheriff’s Office members and day workers removed all of the items that were dangerous for children, including sharp metals, broken glass, and exposed power cords. They also removed and relocated other items so that they would not deteriorate in the Florida sun, placing them safely in the garage of the residence.
As the work commenced, residents honked and waved, showing appreciation for the workers who were helping to remove this eyesore and return their street to normal.
The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is proud to serve the San Carlos Park community and we thank you for your support!”

Now you don’t have to look at that mess as you drive through the Park. Glad that’s over.

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