A Jackson County, Missouri woman won her rather uncommon claim against insurance giant GEICO, claiming she caught an STD from a car owned by her ex lover, which was insured by GEICO.  The court awarded the woman a $5.2 million settlement for her claim.

According to the court documents, she informed GEICO back in February of 2021 that she had plans to sue for monetary damages.  She stated that she caught an STD “from” a car, HPV specifically, from a GEICO member, in his insured vehicle.  So she caught an STD from a man in the car, not from the car.  Shouldn’t she be suing the man?  Moving on.

GEICO absolutely denied the initial claim that she caught an STD from a car.  Her claim stated that the gentleman infected her, in his car, with HPV, knowing full well he carried the infection and didn’t take proper steps in protecting her from the spread during intercourse.

Later into 2021, after the case was sent to arbitration, it was disclosed that the woman and her ex did indeed “do the deed” in the back of his car and that “directly caused, or directly contributed to cause” of her STD contraction.

The man was found liable, and in turn GEICO was ordered to pay her $5.2 million for her claims.  WOW!!! I feel like the man should have to pay, not GEICO.  Is this ok because they were in the car?

GEICO obviously filed a claim that was shot down, not once but twice and the hefty price tag for their client would stick!  I’ve officially heard it all.



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