Pokémon cards worth $500,000 Stolen from Collector. It’s no secret that I’m a collector of comics and toys. But maybe i should of gotten into the whole Pokémon craze back in the day. Those things are worth a fortune. No, I bought Marvel cards instead. Nice move Budman.  I really sympathize with this guy though.. 

The Crime:

There’s  a huge Pokémon collector in North Carolina who is very serious about his Pokémon card collection. He even keeps his cards in a temperature controlled room.

I guess he didn’t think about having a good antitheft system in place. Because last week he called police because a good portion of his collection was stolen according to the police report his cards were valued at a half $1 billion however the collector confirm that the police had just made a mistake and that his Pokémon card collection was only worth about half $1 million.

So are you going through your kids’ bedroom right now looking for their Pokémon card collection? I mean, it sounds like these things are worth a lot of money. As I write this story myself, I wish I chose Pikachu. So if that happened sometime last year, the victim whose name is Christopher said that the only people that were inside his room within the last nine months were workers from an HVAC company.

Here’s a life lesson:

If the Pokémon cards you keep in your house are actually worth more than your house, you might not want to store them there. Some of the Pokémon cards that were stolen included three unopened boxes of first edition cards. I sure hope these criminals are caught. All of them involved. Because you know what they say? You Gotta Catch ’Em All! 

Great Pokémon Moments: