Have you heard about the viral $3 Chipotle burrito TikTok Life Hack?

Everything your friendly neighborhood Budman learned as a kid… I got it from television. Now that I’m a big boy, everything I currently learn is from TikTok. I spent a lot of time scrolling TikTok. Sometimes I even learn something useful. Take this chipotle life hack, for example…

Life Hack:

If you enjoy a chipotle burrito as much as I do, you’re gonna love this life hack. Usually a burrito at chipotle cost about $6.50 however with this Life hack you can get it for about three dollars on the Chipotle app. According to this TikTok user, you have to start by selecting the “build your own taco” feature on the Chipotle app. From there, you select a bunch of sides of your choice and don’t forget your tortilla! Then Bam. You just got a burrito for half price! Of course, you’re going to have to assemble that burrito yourself, but to be honest, that’s the fun part! Enjoy!!

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