Things That Were Normal in the ’90s, But not so much Anymore

A story is doing the rounds on the internet talking about the things that were normal in the 90’s that isn’t normal anymore. Those of us that were around in the 90’s will love this trip down memory lane. What is your favorite? Is it one of these?

The things we loved in the 90’s are:

1.  A Discman plugged into a cassette tape with a wire to play music in your car like your 2010 Lexus Sc 430.

– This was until the AUX cord hit the market. Fun fact: The last vehicle model in the United States that included a factory-installed cassette player was the 2010 Lexus SC 430

2.  Hotlines for the weather report, current time, and movie show times. For Example Movie FONE!

– Movie Phone was the latest and greatest thing we all used. FUN FACT: You can still call it (800) 777-FILM


3.  Talking to your friend’s mom to see if they were home. You would have to talk to DAD before talking to your girlfriend, but he would say no!

– And mom would tell you she was busy, or how about just hanging up when your friend didn’t answer.


4.  Being unreachable, with no one thinking that it was unusual or rude. Not like today when you are reached everywhere.

– The only time this acceptable now is when you are in the movies. Don’t forget to call movie fone (800) 777-FILM


5.  Picking someone up from the airport, and waiting for them at their gate.

– FUN FACT: you can still walk minor to the gate.


6.  Card catalogs to find books in a library.

–  Libraries converted to Computer libraries.


7.  Pressing “Play” and “Record” at the same time.

– This was BIG during dedication hours. You would record it and send it to your love…NO? Just me?


8.  The “yellow pages.”

– FUN FACT: the yellow pages is still printed in some states.


9.  Taking your disposable camera to get developed.

– How much would it cost you to print your photos on your phone today?


10.  Pogs.  And slap bracelets.

– FUN FACT: Big mama just gave away slap bracelets are they making a comeback?


These are some of the cool iconic things from the 90s that I can not forget for the entire life.  I remember AOL. Do you remember your AOL screenname? Do you remember going into the chat rooms and AOL being America’s first social network. We used to find happiness in the smallest of ways. Find Happiness today in a small way and lets get back to it.