Florida Kayaker Rescued by Another Boater. The dramatic moment was captured on video.

Davey Wright, is a Port St. Lucie resident, and a Veteran Airborne Ranger. Recently, he went kayaking to fish and unwind, but as his kayak began to take on water, danger ensued.
It was three and a half hours from land and during his nightmare scenario, he had to spend HOURS alone treading water.

According to a Fox News Interview, Davey Wright said: “The kayak starts getting heavy, and within minutes I am sitting in water. It just sunk like a rock.”

“I’d yell, but it was hard to tell how close they [the boat lights] were. There were times when I thought I could swim. But there was feeding going on all around me, and I was not sure if I could get to land.”

He struggled in the water and tried to float. Luckily he was found and rescued by another boater.


Dramatic Water Rescues: