Do People in SWFL Eat Food Off the Floor Four Times Per Month? According to this they might!

In a recent survey of average Americans, 44% of respondents claimed to adhere to “the five-second rule,” however the majority would prolong it in environments they deemed to be “clean.”
Or stop eating food that has been left in “unclean” settings like the bathroom. I don’t know about you, but this South West Floridian is NOT chowing down on some floor snacks. Our intern Mikey had no problem though.

We Asked a Doctor:

According to Dr. Daller, “The five-second rule is a myth. In some instances, the transfer of bacteria can begin in less than one second.” Sorry, Mikey. I’m sure you’ll be okay.

Four times a month on average, Americans eat food that has fallen to the ground. not due to a lack of clean plates (?). When they drop something on the ground, they pick it up, put it in their mouth, and repeat.
The “five-second rule,” according to 44% of respondents, states that they will eat anything from the ground if they can pick it up right away.

Basic Guidelines:

That’s the basic guideline, but actual cleanliness does matter. More than half of respondents claim they would EXTEND the five-second time restriction if it were a “clean” setting, such as their own house, a restaurant, a hospital, or a “medical facility.”

On the other hand, there are other regions where eating off the ground is never an option. The first thing that comes to mind is some of the dive bar bathrooms I’ve had the pleasure of touring. Also, I would want to explore the flavors of public walkways, streets, and airports, too. Gross!

Food for Thought:

I guess it comes down to personal preference. Maybe you like the added flavor of dirt and grime with a twist of lime? You know what they say? God made dirt and dirt, and dirt don’t hurt.