A Florida man in a stolen truck warns Space Force of alien war.

As ridiculous as the sounds, it was very serious for one Ocala Florida man, who stole a Ford F150 and drove it to Patrick Space Force Base. According to a report from WESH 2, Corey Johnson, age 29, attempted to get onto the base.  The Brevard County Sheriffs stated that the man said he had an important warning for the US government. Apparently, there is a huge war happening between Chinese dragons and aliens.

This is Strange:

I was wondering where exactly did this guy get this sort of information from? I mean, if someone were to have this kind of insight, it would have to come from someone very High up in the chain of command. Well, according to Johnson, he was told by the President of the United States himself.

The Message:

He said that the President wanted him to warn the U.S. Space Force about the impending doom of the Chinese dragon versus alien war. On a side note, he also said that the voice inside his head told him to steal the truck. Johnson was arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle.

Aliens VS Dragons: