Mystery creature attacking cars in Lehigh Acres!

A family in Lehigh Acres awoke to find one of their cars severely damaged.  According to NBC-2, the family thought it was probably vandalism. However, after inspection by police, they were informed that it was most likely damaged due to an animal. A mysterious animal.

They’re Not Alone:

Their car wasn’t the only one that seem to be damaged other cars in the neighborhood were also attacked. The cars were scratched and bitten with what looked like sharp teeth. There were even footprints on the cars. No word if there are large Sasquatch-size footprints. What sort of Cryptid has it out for these vehicles. Could it be a mystery animal that has a craving for cars?

It’s a Mystery:

It seems to be another mystery here in Lehigh acres. Southwest Florida has been known to have sightings of the skunk ape which is a stinky Bigfoot-type creeper that lives in the swamps. However typical descriptions of the skull Gabe don’t necessarily speak of their hatred of parked cars.

Watch Out:

If you happen to live or park in the area of Lehigh acres be aware. There could be a mysterious Cryptid looking at your vehicle. Do they even make Sasquatch insurance? Maybe they should.



New information has come to light. According to the latest NBC-2 Report: The Mysterious culprit is…

A dog chasing a cat. So it’s not a bigfoot or a skunk ape.   It would of been cooler if it was.

Just saying…

Sasquatch Sightings: