Florida man arrested for drunk driving Walmart scooter.

After being discovered to be intoxicated and operating a motorized scooter inside a Melbourne Florida, Walmart, a 39-year-old man is now being charged with DUI. Yup, that’s a thing.

The whole fiasco happened on Sunday. According to a report by The Smoking Gun, Customers and staff witnessed the suspect, Aaron Gregory, swarving in the scooter, ramming into shelves, and coming very close to slamming into other shoppers.

More Details:

Here comes another shocking detail.   Authorities said Gregory Reeked of booze. Also, big surprise here, he also was sporting an open bottle of Smirnoff vodka inside the basket of the scooter.

When the police showed up Gregory was so hammered that he was “unresponsive” in the scooter. He was so drunk that the sound of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” playing from the store’s loudspeakers couldn’t wake him from his drunken slumber.  Ah yes, Good times never seemed so good. (So Good So Good!)

Gregory was apprehended and given an overnight stay at the luxurious Brevard County Jail.

The Wonders of Walmart:

Just a Tip:

The moral of the story is… It’s OK to buy your alcohol from Walmart. However, it’s not OK to drink your alcohol at Walmart. And most certainly, it is definitely not OK to get completely hammered out of your mind and drive the electric scooters. No matter how fun it may seem at the time, you can and most likely will get arrested. Even if your buddy convinces you that if you throw some bananas in the front basket of your scooter, you could be like Mario from Mario kart. It is not a good idea. I’m pretty sure it happens a lot. How could it not? Drunk driving a Walmart scooter isn’t the strangest thing you might have seen late at night inside a Walmart.