Are People Pretending to Play Violin for Cash in SWFL? There seems to be a scam happening Nationwide.

People pretending to play the violin is the next evil pandemic to hit America. In a play on the term “lip-syncing,” or in this situation, “finger-syncing.” This is straight-up fakery.

Seen it Myself:

I’ve seen it myself in a Publix parking lot. I didn’t think anything at the time. However, now I’m sure it was a scam. I should have known because they were missing a few fingers. Now depending on where you live, it is allowed to fake playing an instrument and perform in public for tips. I mean, nobody is being FORCED to give them any spare change. But it’s a dirty trick.

This is also nothing new either. You can easily search on Google “pretending to play the violin.” and lots of very entertaining videos pop up. Like this one of a woman confronting a scammer:

However, according to some law enforcement authorities, these con artists may be a part of a roving, organized gang that is robbing people of their hard-earned money.

The scam has been sighted repeatedly here in SWFL too. Just Check out this report from NBC-2 below:

Be on the lookout for these scammers. Don’t be fooled. It really takes away from people who spend their life learning to actually play the instrument. I gotta say though…

I play a pretty mean air guitar. Tips anyone?

Actual REAL Violin Players: