Porch Pirates Plunder Lehigh Acres Neighborhood!

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! That’s the reaction of those who find their packages have been stolen off their property. Ya see, there be Porch Pirates about! And their plunder of choice is Amazon packages left on thy doorsteps!  Now, many Residents in Lehigh Acres are concerned that they too will become the next victim of these bilge-sucking porch pirates!

Caught on Camera:

According to a report by NBC-2, After seeing someone in a red hooded sweatshirt on a security camera walk up to a house and flee with a parcel, Residents now say that it’s only a matter of time before their amazon treasures are pillaged by the pirates.

Lock up The Scurvy Dogs!

The Pirate problem seems to be getting worse too. One resident said that their packages had been stolen THREE TIMES already.  Residents are hoping that the Lee County Sheriffs will put a stop to this hornswoggle and lock these Pirates up!

Pirate Pics: