Man Attempts DIY YouTube Nose Job. He ended up in the hospital. Big Suprise there.

A man bought himself a one-way ticket to the hospital by doing something incredibly stupid. He attempted a DIY nose job!! How do you ask? By watching YouTube tutorial videos. We all know that you can learn how to do just about anything by watching YouTube videos. I even fixed my own toilet once. But certainly not my face! Not that my face needs fixing or anything… I don’t think science has advanced that far.

Hospital Visit:

According to a report by, The patient, whose identity has not been released by the hospital, explained to Doctors that he got the genius notion to perform his own Nose Job surgery after watching a video on YouTube. He decided that all he needed was some rubbing alcohol to clean the region and some of that good ole’ veterinary anesthetic to dull the pain. He also informed the staff that when he was done “operating,” he stitched up the incision using self-absorbing thread and super glue. What an idiot!

DIY for Dummies:

He’s not the first to give it a shot, either. It may come as a surprise, but YouTube constantly had to remove “at-home rhinoplasty” videos to stop others from trying it out on themselves.

Do NOT try this at home, kids. You Could DIE.

I once tried to fix my Nintendo Switch. I watched a YouTube DIY video on soldering and thought I can do that. Nope. What I was able to do was Break my Nintendo Switch even more. I felt pretty stupid for even attempting something like that.  Who am I? Macgyver? I thought I could make a new Game Console out of some flux and a few twists of a screwdriver. Overconfident? Yes. Stupid? Very. However, thinking I could perform surgery on my face? That’s just craziness. Like actually, you need medication type crazy.

Some things are best left to the experts.