Mysterious 2-foot tall Primate seen in Cape Coral.

Residents in Cape Coral claim to have seen a possible monkey running around. At least they think it’s a monkey…

According to a report on NBC-2, There was a recent Facebook post talking about a monkey sighting in Cape Coral. The creature in question was described as being about two feet tall.

Monkeys aren’t a thing here right?! Zoinks! Sounds like we have another Scobby Doo Mystery on our hands.

Eye Witness Says:

One Eye Witness said that they heard some rattling outside and then saw a monkey leaping out of the bushes!

However, on further investigation, the witness was never able to find the elusive creature.

What is it?

Could the tiny cryptid be a pet monkey of some kind?

Perhaps it’s something more supernatural? A baby Skunk Ape? Could it be the Hawaiian Menehune?

They are according to Legend, a race of people who were only three feet tall.

I know this creature was 2 feet tall… But that’s still in the ballpark.  Who knows? Maybe it is just a capuchin monkey. A smart, tiny and adorable little monkey. Sneaking around Cape Coral Neighborhoods like a cute little fur ninja.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.