Brick thrown through a window of a Lee County home injures man.

There’s nothing more terrifying than being woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass. That’s exactly what happened to a resident in Fort Myers. home According to a report by NBC-2, a man had a brick thrown through his window after seeing some guys outside his window.

One of these dudes was wearing a ski mask if that wasn’t scary enough. Then a brick was tossed through his window, shattering the glass everywhere and injuring the man.
Neighbors have said that this is the first time the house received trouble.
I know just how terrifying it is to be woken up like this. It happened to me once.

My Story:

Some years ago, I had an apartment and a giant rock was thrown through my second-story window

The Rock landed right next to my head on my nightstand!  The sound of breaking glass woke me from my sleep and I made eye contact with the rock laying next to my face.

At first, I felt the rock to see if maybe it was a meteor from space because that’s usually how you get superpowers. Touch the hot glowing rock and BAM! Lazer eyes. Flight. Invulnerability!

Nope. Cold rock, and unfortunately, no super strength. I don’t feel super at all. I feel fear.

My Reaction:

I immediately jumped up from my bed and ran to my front door to make sure it was locked. Wasn’t sure who threw the rock through my window, but judging from the size of the rock and the height of my now broken window, I didn’t wanna meet the person.

So I feel for this guy. That’s scary stuff.  Not knowing who the suspects are is also unnerving.

Man, if only it had only been a super-powered meteor from space…

So far, there hasn’t been any arrest made in the incident.