Man that can ‘taste words’ reveals name with the worst flavor.

According to a report by The Mirror,  a man in England, who claims to have a very rare illness, can taste and feel words, and much more powerfully, names…  In addition, he claims that because the name Karen has a urine flavor, he could never date anybody with that name.

And to think people named Karen already had an uphill climb these days! Dang. That’s rough Karen.

So, the man in question is named Henry Gray. By the way, he says his name taste like a cheese and lettuce sandwich. His condition is called synaesthesia.

What is that?

Synesthesia is the ability to simultaneously hear music and visualize colors in your head. and apparently, a small number of people with the condition can taste words… like names.

I know, sounds like a second-tier X-Men power. But it’s a real thing though Synesthesia is not fully understood by scientists.

Henry claims that, despite his condition, most of the time his sensations are just background noise, but he confesses that he would find it difficult to date or be close friends with someone whose name he genuinely loathed. He also is constantly asked by his peers about what names smell like what.

He even spoke about celebrity names too. “Cameron Diaz is like a sparkly disco ball slowly rotating and Jennifer Lawrence is like sniffing the inside of a shoe. Damn. Does Jennifer Lawrence smell like a shoe? That’s rough. I no longer volunteer for tribute.

If you were wondering about your name, Henry says these are the names that give him the worst flavors or feelings…

The Worst Male Names:

Harrison – It’s like an itch on my body that I can’t scratch, it’s everywhere and nowhere.

Elijah – Like licking an eyeball – makes my skin crawl to say it

Rupert – A beer burp

Brad – rope burn

Dylan – A toilet seat (How does know what that tastes like?! )

Braydon –  horse manure 

Teddy – Beige unwashed couch covers

Ian – sticky, Waxy Ear. 

Warren – heartburn

The Worst Female Names:

Mary – A pile of unwashed pink bed sheets faintly smelling of mildew

Kate – The sensation of burning myself on ice, like falling over on an ice rink and scraping your skin on dry ice

Natalie – Like broken wooden splinters in my mouth

Vicky – Like biting into broken glass.

Brittany – Sensation of having hair caught in something and pulled


Well, there you have it.  I guess it;’s better than smelling like a Karen!