Aldi Giving Away Grocery Store-Themed Wedding. Marrige in isle five! I repeat. Marraige in isle five!

According to Food and Wine, There is an exciting new opportunity if you and your significant other are having trouble finding the PERFECT wedding location, especially if you’ve always wanted to get married at a supermarket.

Dream Wedding:

Who doesn’t want a grocery store-themed wedding of their dreams?  Aldi wants to make your dream come true! Imagine a cocktail reception “flowing with Aldi food and beverages,” Forget that beach wedding. Who needs the ocean when you can have some Ocean Spray cranberry juice at your reception? It’s on sale too! is being provided by the Aldi supermarket business to one lucky couple. It features a custom, tiered wedding cake.

Let’s not forget about snacks. You’ll be blown away by  their “renowned tiny Red Bag Chicken sliders.” Also prepare yourself for the ultimate “romantic photoshoot” by a photographer in front of the shop. Everything, including decorations, flowers, a videographer, and a DJ, will be offered. You’ll also receive $5,000 in Aldi gift cards as a wedding gift.

But what about the other shoppers?

There won’t be any haphazard shoppers to deal with. At their corporate headquarters in Batavia, Illinois, a “model store” will serve as the venue for the wedding. Even an Aldi staffer will officiate the marriage.

You can apply online here by August 17th if you’re interested. Your social media accounts, a brief essay, and a “well-lit photo” are all required. Additionally, you must already be engaged and be open to getting married on November 9th.

 Bride Fashion: