Woman Claims she captured first audio recording of BigFoot!

A woman in a rural area of Ohio believes she has the original BIGFOOT audio tape. Though I think I would have to agree with the Wildlife specialists, they believe that it might simply be the dominant male coyotes making all that noise.  Then again…

Have you ever noticed that all the videos captured of Bigfoot always seem to be unclear but you kinda see Bigfoot…  I may be a hairy dude or a guy in a suit. You’re just not sure. Well, here’s what that sounds like in audio form.

Her Story:

An Ohio lady who frequently leaves a recorder running in her backyard believes she has recorded the howls—or possibly mating call—of Bigfoot. What? Bigfoot needs love too!

According to a report by USA Today, Bigfoot aficionado Suzanne Ferencak has maintained for years that she saw a Bigfoot cross a street in 2013. Since that day, it’s been her quest to find him.

The Audio:

She may be on to something. She has captured audio of SOMETHING making noise in the wood. Is that Something Bigfoot?

You be the Judge. Check out the audio here.

While this audio has something on it that may or not be Bigfoot. It might not be the first audio of its kind either. I found plenty of alleged Sasquatch audio available for toy listening pleasure. like this gem…

Look it’s BigFoot: