Beer Shortage May be Coming to To Southwest Florida.
It looks like the shortages will continue and it will affect all of us here in Southwest Florida. It is international beer day. A day where we celebrate all things beer. And there’s one thing that we love here in southwest Florida, ice-cold beer. However, ever since the pandemic it seems everything is in short supply.
Now CO2 is next on the shortlist.

Beer Shortage:

CO2, by the way, is an important ingredient in beer. Without the bubbles, your favorite beer is having some trouble. Nobody likes flat beer.  So no CO2, no beer. According to a report by NBC-2, the local brewery, Millennial Brewing Company says that the cost of CO2 has risen 250%. Wow, talk about sticking it to the little guy. I mean is there really a shortage of carbon dioxide? I mean, I’m breathing some out right now.
 I’m no scientist or brewmaster, but I’m pretty sure I can’t blow bubbles into a beer. So unfortunately the shortage continues.

Crafted Shortages:

Now I have to wonder, are things really in short supply? Or is it a money grab? I’m talking to you, makers of Co2 gas…These shortages suck.  It’s not just the CO2 either. Breweries also have to pay more for raw commodities like barley and aluminum because of inflation. Also according to a report by NBC News, The supply of carbon dioxide is also under pressure throughout the summer because important plants undergo “planned maintenance.” Also, another plant had to shut down due to “contamination.” Sound familiar? The same thing happened with the baby formula plants this year.  Weird.
The ones that are hurt by all this are the small business owners like the Millennial Brewing company and, of course, the consumers.

Wait there’s More:

A CO2 shortage wouldn’t just affect just the breweries, but also your local restaurants. Restaurants use CO2 for their sodas as well. So that ice-cold Coke might just fall a little flat.