Celebrate International Beer Day with Heineken Filled Sneakers!

According to Sneaker Freaker, Heineken has produced a pair of limited-edition sneakers that are actually loaded with some beer in celebration of today’s International Beer Day. I’m not gonna lie. I would totally rock these kicks.

They’re calling them “Heinekicks. LOL.  Now before you get excited to grab a pair yourself, just know they only produced 32 pairs. Damn.  These are more of a promotional item than something the typical person could purchase. For the real sneaker collector that really wants to get their hands on them, you’ll have to travel to Singapore. That’s where the first pair will be on display.

What’s in them?

Heineken Silver, a lower alcohol version that they started selling in Europe this year, was injected into the sole of each pair of sneakers. The alcohol content is 4 percent (as opposed to 5 percent for ordinary Heineken).

The shoes themselves are colored red, green, and white. Just like a Heineken bottle. The beer is actually visible swirling around in the sole. Additionally, they include a tongue-mounted bottle opener. That’s a nice touch.



Hopped Up on Heineken: