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Giant Rats Invade Cape Coral.

As if the monkey sightings weren’t enough. Now Cape Coral seems to have a new animal situation. A rat problem. A BIG Rat problem.

According to a report on NBC2, there’s a current rat infestation plaguing Cape Coral neighborhoods. One resident saying that they look big enough to ride!

The culprits? Palm Rats. These buggers can get between  12 to 14 inches!! They are a real problem in the Cape because of the many fruit trees. One exterminator said that they pulled 94 rats out of a homes attic! That’s the stuff of nightmares. The experts say to be sure to schedule yearly inspection to make sure there isn’t a giant rat living on your property. Before you know it, one could be training baby turtles to become vigilante ninjas with a taste for pizza. What? It could happen..


Rat Attack: