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Climate Change Could Lead to Discovery of the Florida Skunk Ape and Other Cryptids. Even mysterious creatures like the Loch Ness Monster!

That’s assuming CLIMATE CHANGE is even a REAL thing. Duh!

According to the Daily Star, climate change may finally have a positive outcome by forcing the Loch Ness Monster out of hiding and resulting in its official discovery!

According to scientists consulted by the British tabloids, Nessie’s food supplies may be affected by rising temperatures and a more unpredictable climate. Nessie might leave Loch Ness in search of food if that occurs. Something must be done, according to a representative of a local climate action organization, because “Nessie is the most important monster in Scotland.”

The Skunk Ape:

Here in South West Florida, one could say that the Skunk Ape is our most important monster. One would assume that the great Skunk Ape could be forced out of hiding as well.

Perhaps some of the new home builds popping up all over SWFL could cause the elusive creature to venture out into the open? Maybe even slight temperature variations? It could happen!

Of course, I’m just speculating because climate change isn’t proven science or anything…


I would hate to think what would happen if there was some sort of disruption with the Skunk Apes food source like the Loch Ness Monster may be dealing with.

What does a Skunk Ape Eat anyways? Hopefully not people. But maybe that’s why nobody has ever officially found the creature yet? They may have been a skunk apes’ dinner guest. Yikes!

Some might say this story is crazy. Innacurate, to say the least. But keep in mind that science is working hard to prove that climate change is very real. Just ask a Hungry Monster…


The Hunt for Loch Ness: