Gym Using Hypnosis to Make Us Like Exercise.

While some people find enjoyment in exercising, others find it to be torturous. I love going to the gym. They have really awesome snack. The smothies are great too. Not to sure about the exercise part though..

Equinox is the owner of the Blink Fitness brand of clubs. They still only exist in major cities, where it all began in New York.

However, they are attempting to recruit new members by promising to HYPNOTIZE individuals and con them into appreciating exercise. It is known as “Gymnosis.”

It’s touted as a series of no-cost “in-gym and virtual hypnosis sessions” that work by tapping into your subconscious to inspire you to exercise.

Even though there are two Florida locstions  for Blink Fitness, only New York residents can participate in the in-person seminars. For now. Who knows? Maybe we can Hypnotize them into bring it to the sunshine state?  Each one lasts 30 to 45 minutes.  They’re doing them between September 12th and September 18th. If you want to attend check this out here.

They claim that in order to get the optimum benefits, you must repeatedly play a certain audio clip before bed for a few weeks. Results, however, “are not assured.”

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