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Listening to B1039 May Boost Your GPA.

It really is a GOOD thing if you can’t concentrate on your studies without music.  and it doesn’t seem to matter what you’re listening to.

According to a recent study that examined the relationship between listening to music and studying habits, students who play music are more likely to have a GPA of at least 3.2.
There are several causes for this. While some claim that listening to music is “therapeutic,” others assert that it improves concentration and increases information retention. And 81% of music listeners claim that it simply makes studying more enjoyable.

I would say that if you listen to B103.9 while you’re studying, you’ll definitely get a better grade. You already are a person of good taste and sophistication. Chances are you already get good grades too. Face it.  Judging by your preference in radio stations, you know how to make great decisions. Now you can help others. Turning up the volume on our station may improve the grades of those around you! Okay, so these facts are unsubstantiated. But we would like to think so.  Here’s some genres of music that other people ( not as cool as you) listened to while they studied…

31% of participants claim that listening to classical music while studying is enjoyable. Because there are typically no lyrics, it was the most popular genre.

The second-most popular genres were R&B and country, which were followed by Rock, OldiesGospelJazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, and “Instrumental Soundtracks.”