Bull Sharks Seen in Cape Coral Canals. No, that’s not a load of bull.

Sing-along if you know it…

Cape Coral sharks! Doo-doo -doo-doo-doo-doo! Cape Coral sharks! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Cape Coral sharks!  

OK, that’s for all the parents out there. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

However, it is true. Cape Coral sharks are a real thing. The next time you’re out on your neighbor’s lanai, take a look in the water. You might just see a Cape Coral shark.

Bull Sharks:

A bull shark, actually. Residents say they’ve seen them hanging out in the canals and having a good ol’ time.

I mean, I have a good time when I sit around and eat all day. That’s pretty much what sharks do.

According to a report by NBC-2, residents were shocked when they saw a bull shark hanging out in the canal. Resident, Steve Cox couldn’t believe his eyes! He even questioned what he saw. “Was that a shark?”

Cape Fear:

It sure was Steve, and it’s actually not that uncommon. Experts say that the most common shark that you might find in the Cape Coral canal is the bull shark because they dig brackish water. In fact, you might see 8 to 10 bull sharks!  It’s not that unheard of.

Okay. I don’t like hearing that. Wanna know what you won’t see in a Cape Coral Canal? Me.  I’ll never swim in a canal ever again.

The good news is that if you like to fish in the canals, chances are there are plenty to catch. Because if there are sharks, then there’s food. Just be careful not to hook any of those sharks yourself.

The experts say that you should a use stainless steel hook because if you happen to catch a shark you really don’t wanna have to pull that hook out right? Best let that hook rust away. Keep all your hands and fingers.

Look Sharks!!