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Polk County Sheriff’s office tells us that there is a texting scam going across the United States.  This Texting Scam Florida Residents need to know about is already affecting our neighbors in the Tampa Bay Area. There have already been several incidents in the Polk County area.

Several people have reported receiving a text that advertises T-shirts for sale by the Polk County sheriffs office! The text provides a link where you can make the purchase, but DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!

The text is not coming from the Sheriffs office. The scam text also includes Lakeland and Auburndale Police departments as well. Sheriff Grady Judd released a statement saying “Always be cautious of text messages with links, even if it appears to be from someone you know. Call the sender and make sure they sent it to you.”

Let your fellow Floridians know of this Texting Scam Florida Residents Should Be Aware Of!

It’s probably only a matter of time before this scam hits us down in Southwest Florida.  Don’t fall for it!