Florida Amazon Driver Saves Puppies From Burning Building.

Three pups were trapped inside a burning house, and an Amazon delivery woman in Lake City, Florida managed to save their lives! Cue the superhero-themed Music! Da da Daaaa!

According to Fox News, While delivering gifts, the anonymous good Samaritan observed smoke coming from a house and dialed 911. Just in time for firefighters to come, put out the fire, and save the three Boston terrier puppies, she had contacted emergency services. The agency expressed gratitude to the Amazon driver who reported the smoke and dialed 911 in a Facebook post.

During a structure fire yesterday, 3 puppies were saved and revived from smoke inhalation. Thank you to the Amazon...

Posted by Columbia County Fire Rescue on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

She saved the house and the puppies’ lives because the owner wasn’t home at the time. Emergency personnel at the site reportedly revived and treated the puppies for smoke inhalation, according to Columbia County Fire Rescue.

Man! She is awesome! There are a lot of really cool people who deliver our packages on a daily basis. Shout out to all the drivers who go the extra mile for customers!

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