Today, the Florida Lottery (Lottery) announced that Jenny Marotzke, 38, of Cape Coral just claimed a $1 million prize from the 500X THE CASH Scratch-Off game at the Lottery’s Fort Myers District Office. She chose to receive her winnings as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $820,000.00. That’s why I love the $50 scratch offs. Big jackpots.

Jenny Marotzke purchased her winning ticket from Publix, located at 1631 Del Prado Boulevard South in Cape Coral. The retailer will receive a $2,000 bonus commission for selling the winning Scratch-Off ticket. That’s the Publix over by HeadPinz.

The $50 Scratch-Off game, 500X THE CASH, features a top prize of $25 million— the largest ever offered on a Florida Scratch-Off game— and the best odds to become an instant millionaire! The game’s overall odds of winning are 1-in-4.50.

Congratulations Jenny Marotzke.

We’re all happy, and a little jealous of you. I feel like I need to win the lottery just to pick up groceries. I do want to know, though. Did she get the ticket from the counter or the machine? Does it make a difference? I know when it comes to lottery, I’m always looking for an edge. Especially when you’re buying those $50 tickets. That’s (almost) a tank of gas.


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The Top 10 Food Trucks In Fort Myers and Cape Coral

Let me be very clear that this is going to be a list in progress. If you check to see the top 10 food trucks in Fort Myers right now and don’t agree with everything, check back in a week. These choices will be up for discussion on Reddit and facebook posts, so add your comments there. Let’s keep it as a civil discussion, and we’ll all benefit.

The Top 10 Food Trucks In Fort Myers and Cape Coral

I love food trucks, and quite often would prefer them to a sit down restaurant. So I’m going to do my best with this list. To start, I’m going to go with the rankings I find on Yelp. From there, there’s some personal opinion added. Since food trucks are now popping up in neighborhoods, a couple on this list have been spotted outside my front window. I cannot stress enough how amazing this is. Get with the people in your neighborhood and if you can guarantee a turnout, you can get a truck to show up where you live. A lot of the trucks have booked weekends but are cool with coming into a residential area for a Taco Tuesday. Give it a shot. It’s an amazing way to bond with your neighbors.

So lets take a look at the 10 (or more) best food trucks in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area.

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