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Scientific Method on How to Get a Crying Baby to sleep.

Be a hero and share this information if you know someone who recently had a baby. I remember when my daughter was first born, i had the fear of not getting enough sleep because the baby would stay awake.

Let’s face it. When you get up as early as I do, every minute of sleep counts. My method was instead of tiptoeing around the house and trying not to make any noise, I would do the opposite.

Make some noise. Leave the TV on. Talk normally. You know what? It worked. She would sleep through anything. But this method isn’t backed by science.

However, there may finally be a scientific method for putting a fussy infant back to sleep.

According to CNN, with more than 20 infants, a team in Japan experimented with several techniques while monitoring the infants’ heart rates to determine how quickly they calmed down.

The ideal way, according to experts, simply requires two stages and takes about 10 minutes to complete: After showing them around, sit down with them.

Step One:

Carry them around for five minutes in the first step. Within 30 seconds, their heart rate will begin to decelerate. And it soothes them even more effectively than rocking.

Step two:

Sit and continue to hold them for five to eight more minutes. Keep calm; else, they might wake up. The best likelihood of them keeping asleep when you put them back down is to wait at least five minutes.

According to Science this is thje best way top get a crying baby asleep. Of course you can always through on an episode of “The Joy of Painting.” Nothing soothes a baby like painting some happy little trees. That always worked for me. Then again, I’m no scientist. I’m just a Dad.