Here is This Year’s Toy Hall of Fame Finalists include Nerf.
The 12 finalists for this year’s National Toy Hall of Fame nominees were announced.
The following items are this year’s finalists: Bingo, Breyer horses, Lite-Brite, The board game Catan (or The Settlers of Catan), The Masters of the UniverseNerf toys, the pinata, Phase 10 card game, Pound Puppies, Rack-O card game from  Milton Bradley, the Spirograph, and the top. Really? The Top? That toy is ancient. It hasn’t made it into the hall of fame yet? Maybe because it’s LAME.

The best Toy:

The best toy of these has to be the He-man toys. I mean, who really had hours of fun playing with a Lite-Brite? The winners will be chosen by toy industry experts and the public at over the course of the following week. Three of the twelve toys will ultimately be inducted. If He-man doesn’t win, then this election is rigged! The announcement will be made on November 10th.
The pinata, Masters of the Universe, and Catan were all nominated for awards the previous year, but they were disqualified. The three that DID qualify were American Girl Dolls, Risk, and sand. Wow. Something even older than the spinning top. Sand.

Toys Galore: