Central Florida Family has Violent Brawl Over Chinese Food.

When you order food and nothing is labelled, you have to search through the foods to identify what’s what, it might be annoying. However, for one family, unmarked food nearly resulted in DEATH.

According to the Smoking Gun, a Family here in Central Florida placed a Chinese takeout order last Friday.  However, none of it was labeled which infuriated the father. I mean i get not being able to tell the difference between orange chicken and general chicken sometimes. They can’t all be Panda Express! Right?

Well  one of the adult children unintentionally consumed his father’s food,  and things rapidly deteriorated. The sister repeatedly punched her brother in the face as the father and daughter became enraged. Dang. I wonder what they ordered? I’m guessing the Kung Fu chicken.

The father also joined in and choked his son. Now at this point thing are pretty much out of control.

The mother who seems to be the only one in this famly with some damn sense, phoned the police when she couldn’t get them to calm down. Daddy and daughter both got to go to jail together. Ya know, family bonding and all.

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