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This Viral Challenge is Sending People to the Hospital.

The trending #OneChipChallenge, which is purportedly causing individuals to visit the hospital, is being cautioned against by experts and social media users.

The chip responsible is from Paqui, a maker of flavored tortilla chips. I saw this chip the other day at the convenience store.  What I found shocking isn’t the stunt itself. It’s the fact that they sell a single chip for THIRTEEN DOLLARS. Are you serious?!

That’s an insane amount of profit they are making. ONE CHIP. These kids are spending that much. Then on top of it, they are going to the hospital. What is happening in this world?

According to the Paqui website, the “high voltage chip contains the super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and the stinging Scorpion Pepper that turns your tongue BLUE.

The challenge goes like this:

According to the New York Post, the full chip should be consumed, followed by as much time as possible without drinking or eating anything, before the participant posts their stupid asses online. Don’t forget the hashtags #IAMSTUPID and #IPAID13DOLLARS4ONECHIP . I made that last part up but try it anyways…


How Many Peppers Challenge: