Cans of Coors Light Explode Across Florida Highway.

A Hernando County collision involving four semi-trucks resulted in an insane amount of Coors Lights exploding across the road, stopping traffic during the early morning rush hour.

Two tractor-trailers were traveling south when one struck the back of the other while changing lanes, according to Fox 13 News,   one semi came to a final rest in the outer lane and the other in the outside shoulder. This region has three southbound lanes.

A pickup truck, and two additional semi-trucks, came to a stop after the crash. The pickup vehicle was thrown to the outside shoulder and collided with one of the semi-trucks involved in the first collision… But when a fifth semi-truck carrying Coors Light beer failed to stop. That’s when the real party started.

The other semi-truck, which was delivering concrete and had initially halted, was struck by the tractor-trailer.

The semi-trucks two loads overflowed into the highway lanes, blocking all southbound lanes.

Spilled Beer. Yup. That’s a party foul.

Look at all this Beer: