Pepsi Wants You to Mix Your Own S’mores Soda.

Recently, Pepsi revealed THREE new flavors: Graham Cracker, Toasted Marshmallow, and Chocolate. Each flavor comes inside its own can, so the idea is that you MIX THEM to make a S’mores soda.


Sure they could have just manufactured a S’mores drink. But where’s the fun in that? I still love going to a soda fountain and mixing flavors together to make my very own strange brew.

According to Food and Wine, Pepsi encourages you to experiment with any ratios you choose. Maybe you want extra chocolate in your cup? I know I would. Can’t ever have too much chocolate! However, if you need some guidance, Pepsi has three different recipes for the ultimate S’mores soda.

Now before you get too excited, because let’s face it, this sounds awesome. There is currently no evidence that it will be sold in stores. As of right now, 2,000 winners who “share how they S’more” stories on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #PepsiSmores and #Sweepstakes will receive kits from Pepsi that include all three sodas.
Dang. Only 2000 winners? Sounds like they could use s’more.

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