OnlyFans Model Saves a Man’s Life.

One of the top creators of OnlyFans, Belle Grace, previously give up a job in healthcare. Why not? She made way more money on her OnlyFans account than she did working a regular 9 to 5. The subscription service OnlyFans is largely used by people who create adult content.  Users who subscribe to their content are known as “fans,” and they can pay content creators.

But it was the valuable wisdom she had learned from her previous job that saved a man’s life.

OnlyFans Saved him:

According to the New York Post, It all happened during one of her adult-themed video chats with one of her fans. Belle saw an abnormality in the man’s testicle. One of them seemed larger than the other. I’m sure that moment may have killed the mood, but she really recommend that the fan go and get it checked out.

Good thing too. Doctors diagnosed that he had an “aggressive form” of testicular cancer that was thankfully detected in time. So there you have it. OnlyFans saved a man’s life.

I wonder if there’s an upcharge for that?

Balls of All Shapes and Sizes: