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Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore In Southwest Florida

Oh boy!  After arriving yesterday (Monday) in Clearwater, Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is now in Southwest Florida.  As we all know, when he arrives, it’s about to get real.  Great!  Like we needed more to worry about haha.

Cantore was seen earlier today at a hotel just north of us, in Punta Gorda, according to a report from News-Press.

Jim Cantore is a known storm chaser for the Weather Channel who reports from the inside of the storm.  Jim was also here in Southwest Florida back in 2017 for Hurricane Irma.  He’s also been close by for several other major storms.

If we see happen to see him further south  in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita or Naples, as Hurricane Ian nears, we will let you know.

Stay safe out there!