Waffle Flavored Eggnog Is Coming for Christmas!
Have you ever considered that the only issue with waffles is that they don’t give ya a good buzz?  Well, guess what?
According to Food and Wine, Evidently, someone did. Just in time for the holidays, Kellogg’s has just released a new item called Eggo Nog!

Christmas Spirit:

I like the sound of it already! I try to put maple flavor on as many things as I can around Christmas. Gets me in the spirit.
Introducxing Eggo Nog! Which is, indeed, eggnog with an Eggo Waffle flavor.
Oh, and It contains about 20% alcohol at 40 proof.
That will put a little spirit in ya! “Eggo Nog Appalachian Sippin’ Cream” is the full name of the drink. For it, they collaborated with a Tennessee distillery.

How To Get Holiday Waffle Eggnog:

Now before you get too excited, it hasn’t been released yet. Don’t worry though. You’ll be able to chug a jug of waffle-flavored nog soon enough.  The Breakfast Lords say that it will be offered in a few select stores around the country during the holidays.
Though I’m sure if you’re really good Santa might drop some nog under the tree for you.
The waffle warriors also assert that they came up with it after learning that many parents consume Eggo Waffles at nighttime after their children have fallen asleep.
Wow. That is 100 percent false. My daughter knows that it’s the elusive waffle troll that eats her waffles at night. NOT her Father.
Such malarkey. You know that someone inside the sacred order of the Wafflers simply blurted out “Eggo Nog” in a brainstorming session, and it was approved. However, the idea of alcoholic waffles is pretty awesome.

For the Love of Waffles: