This Empty Bag of Frito-Lay Chips Costs $1,800.00!

Rich people buy the weirdest stuff. Must be nice to not have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. I’ll tell you what, even if I was rich… I would NEVER spend my money on something THIS stupid.

Frito-Lay Frenzy:

In collaboration with PepsiCo, Balenciaga created a line of handbags that resemble Frito-Lay’s potato chip bags. The thing is that you need a lot of chips to buy these bags. They were really expensive. According to Page Six, The bags were displayed on the runway during Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, but they were generally overlooked because models were seen holding the rumpled clutches by their sides. I don’t know how anyone could miss them. Models don’t eat. At least so I’ve been told.

That’s a lot of Chips:

The Lay’s chip bags have been turned into zippered leather purses with Balenciaga branding and come in four “flavors”: Original, Salt & Vinegar, Lime, and Flamin’ Hot. They are expected to sell for $1,800 each. Wow. No small potatoes.

Frito-Lay Fashion :

Kim Kardashian is a major fan of the Spanish fashion label, which is known for its quirky accessories and most recently sold the “most expensive garbage bag in the world” for $1,790. I’m not so sure about her fashion decisions.  Or any of her decisions for that matter. Remember she MARRIED Kanye.

I Like Cheesy Fashion: