Giant Tarpon Swallows Hand of Florida Woman Holding Hot Dog!

Ya know, I like fishing. I’m not the most experienced but I’ll put the work in. I’ve spent hours in the water. Just sitting on the boat baking in the sun. Waiting… Again, waiting some more. Surely the fish are gonna bite at some point. Nothing.

Of course, I have reeled in a few using shrimp or small bait fish. However, to be completely honest, I haven’t really ever caught anything substantial.

Swallow This:

After seeing this video, I’m sure it’s because I have been using the wrong bait.

The video starts off with a girl hanging out over a dock. She then pulls out a regular hot dog and begins to slap the water. Then it happens. She says, “Watch this.
And then… Something shocking happens.

Tarpon Love Hot Dog:

A large HUGE tarpon leaps out of the water and grabs that raw hot dog and the girl’s whole damn hand! Holy cow! Put that fish in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest! Look out, Joey Chestnut! Just as she was hanging that thing over the surface, that fish wasted no time in getting some lunch. Imagine if she had put some mustard on that thing. She might have caught two!

That’s it. I’m never getting bait fish again. It’s off to Publix to grab some Ball Park Franks! Maybe some Oscar Mayer weiners… I’m not sure what she was using. Then again, that fish didn’t look so picky.

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