Illustration of a Ouija Board
Grandmother Gives Ouija Board to Everyone at Her Funeral.
When my grandma passed away, she left me a box of TicTacs. No, I don’t mean it as an inheritance. When I was a child, she always had TicTacs in her purse for me. The orange ones were her favorite.
After she passed away, I found a box of orange TicTac sitting on my desk in my bedroom. I thought for sure this was a sign that my grandmother was watching over me.
I knew I couldn’t hold on to the TicTac‘s forever, but for months when I was feeling sad and wanted to feel closer to her I’d pop out one of them little orange TicTacs and savor it.
It felt like she was there with me, giving me orangey fresh breath.
I still buy orange-flavored TicTacs to this day. I think of her every time I eat one.
It’s only my grandma had thought of this when she passed away.
We could be chatting it up right now.
A Twitter user name Gracie Perryman made a post about a gift her grandma gave to everyone at Gram Grams’s funeral. You see, her grandma passed away from cancer and she knew well ahead of time that her time was short.
 But Gracies grandma had a great sense of humor. She had a gift for everyone at her funeral. This gift, she said, would help them keep in touch.

Grandmother Ouija Funeral:

Everybody at the funeral received a special card from grandma and inside that card was a little tiny Ouija board.
And above the tiny Ouija board was a message that said, let’s keep in touch. Now that’s a fun grandma.
Sure, Ouija boards are kind of creepy. Some people say they’ve been known to contact evil entities.
 Gracie’s grandma was definitely not that.
According to the New York Post, her name was Jo Marie Perryman. Her obituary said, “she enjoyed crafting, crocheting, sewing, and making holiday decorations with her children”.
In addition, Grandma Jo also enjoyed playing video games like Super Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, Yars Revenge, and Kaboom. She also enjoyed playing card games and, of course, board games.
 I assume Ouija board games too.

Goodbye Grandmother:

Grandma Jo passed away from cancer at the age of 81.
If anyone happens to communicate with her on that Ouija board, tell her to say hello to my grandma. Maybe ask her for an orange-flavored TicTac.
She loved those.
Rest in peace, Grandma Jo. We’ll talk to you soon.

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