SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - MAY 12: A Frontier Airlines plane lands at San Francisco International Airport on May 12, 2022 in San Francisco, California. According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, airline fares surged 18.6% in April as demand for air travel has increased due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions being eased. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

If you’re a frequent flyer, you know the price of flights lately just keep going up, but Frontier Airlines will be rolling out an all-you-can-fly pass this spring.

We heard a few months ago that flight prices were going to start coming down after they went up dramatically earlier this year, but I’m not seeing any proof of that. I booked a flight to AZ for Christmas yesterday and it cost me over $600, more than I’ve ever paid for a domestic flight. So this pass could be quite the deal.

I flew Frontier for the first time a few weeks ago and had a great experience. I will say that it does cost more to check a bag than any other airline, and they do charge for carry-on bag too, but the flight experience was very pleasant and on-time, so I was happy! It’s pretty no-frill’s with no drinks (other than water) or snacks and no tv’s on the back of the seats, but I’ll take it if it saves me some money.

How will it work?

With the purchase of the Frontier GoWild! Pass, customers will be able to take unlimited flights within a 12-month period to any of Frontier’s destinations. A release from the airline said that last year, over 5 million seats flew empty and with this pass, now they can be yours. You’ll be able to get confirmed for your flight the day before you take off beginning in spring 2023. There will be blackout dates, but flights will be available over 300 days of the year.

How much does it cost?

I wish I had an answer (because I’m interested in this too), but Frontier has not unveiled the cost of the GoWild! Pass yet. But this isn’t the first time an airline has offered a pass like this. Alaska Airlines offered a subscription service back in February and the cost of their’s was less than $600. I paid that for one flight the other day, so it sounds like a good deal to me!


Four Florida Airports Make List Of Cheapest To Fly From

If you’ve been looking to go on a trip and have checked airfare lately, you may have noticed that prices are through the roof, but we’re lucky here in Florida that four airports have made the list of the cheapest to fly from.

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation looked at the average cost of a domestic flight flying out of 45 of the busiest airports in the U.S. and found that airfares went up 18.6% in April, the largest increase since they started keeping track back in 1963.

For the list, that’s based on the last quarter of 2021, the fares are based on the total ticket value that includes taxes and fees, not including optional services like seat selection, baggage fees, frequent flyer, etc.

Top 10 Cheapest Airports To Fly From:

  • 10. LaGuardia Airport- New York- $289.65

  • 9. New Orleans International Airport- Louisiana- $281.04

  • 8. Oakland International Airport- California- $279.15

  • 7. Dallas Love Field- Texas- $278.31

  • 6. Chicago Midway Airport- Illinois- $271.84

  • 5. Tampa International Airport- Florida- $270.88

  • 4. Miami International Airport- Florida- $263.76

  • 3. Harry Reid International Airport- Nevada- $247.53

  • 2. Orlando International Airport- Florida- $241.01

  • 1. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport- Florida- $233.36

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