More Florida couples break up over Thanksgiving than any other time of the year according to a new study. The news comes from HerNorm. They looked at google trends and searches for phrases such as “how to break up.” I didn’t know people searched how to do that. Maybe if more people did they would find more ways to ease the blow?

Tell me more about the break up

Well, considering the google trend intel, the conclusion is  that couples in Florida are most likely to end relationships around turkey day. In addition, it found the peak of those searches is from the 14th through the 20th. Just ahead of Thanksgiving. So if your love is on the rocks, you’ve got about a week to try and steer it back on track according to these stats and dates.

couple dining

More Florida couples split up in Florida in advance of Thanksgiving than any other time of year according to a new study.

November may be the time when families and friends come together to give thanks. But apparently not everyone is going to bring a date to dinner. Other states falling in line with Florida’s Thanksgiving break up trend include Alaska, Wyoming, Iowa, and Rhode Island.

States where more couples make it through Thanksgiving but not Christmas are Kentucky, Vermont, Utah, and Arizona. Oh but it doesn’t stop there. Many relationships wont make it to 2023. The New Year is a time for a new start on many levels. That includes relationships. Finally, couple sin Virginia are doing more “break up” searches online beginning Christmas Day through January 1st.

Let’s face it, breaking up sucks. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. The holidays in particular are times where romance shines. It’s nice to have a date. However, if there is a part of you that is dreading that date, perhaps you should join the trends and start your google break up searches now.