Can you guess what the most popular fitness class in Florida is?

Florida fitness

Participants in a Pilates class

The most popular fitness class in Florida is Pilates according to the experts at Fitness Volt. They looked at Google Trends  and searches to come up the rankings.

Pilates has surged in popularity as a low impact class that uses mats and specialized equipment or “apparatuses” in Pilates speak. It is a type of exercise that is often used as a way to rehab from injury and even prevent them. The movements are slow and deliberate. They are designed and intended to strengthen your core, improve stability and do it with that mind body connection.

Pilates was actually the most popular fitness class in ten other states around the country and ranked second overall.

Additional fitness classes in Florida

Yoga. Yoga takes the top prize across the country as far as most googled fitness class. More and more health experts are recommending activities such as yoga to slow down, help reduce stress, and more.

In addition, the research revealed that Zumba ranks closely behind Pilates as the country’s third most popular fitness class. A total of ten states search for Zumba classes more than any other fitness class. It’s a high energy dance like class.

BodyPump follows as the fourth most Googled fitness class. It is a fast-paced, barbell-based workout. Finally, rounding out the top five is Boxing class. There is nothing quite like throwing punches at a bag to get that stress out and tone up at the same time.

Floridians are an active bunch. It helps that our weather is good year round. For those who aren’t in to group exercise, outdoor activities rule. As far as popular sports in the sunshine state, pickleball leads the way according to this story.