The WiLD Bunch Celebrates the “Month of Thanks.”

Budman and Marija believed it was crucial to express gratitude after the hurricane.  We were astounded at how people came together to support one another. I saw how folks in South West Florida rose to the challenge. Strangers helping strangers and neighbors assisting neighbors. It was genuinely inspiring. Because of this, the WiLD Bunch wanted to give thanks during the month of November.

Thanks to people in our community who are making a difference. While visiting Dunkin, we got the idea of how we could do something.  With friends, just enjoying a cup of coffee lifts the spirits and helps with some inspiration too.  (Of course, I’ll use any excuse I CAN to go to Dunkin)

So we decided a hot cup of joe would be a wonderful way to say thanks. Coffee was essential to sharing the love as part of our mission to spread thankfulness during the month of November!

The Month of Thanks:

What better way to start off than saying thanks to Nurses? They do so much!  We thought it would be a good idea to visit the nurses and offer our gratitude. I have occasionally spent time in a hospital, so I can attest to how hard the staff works there. Many of the nurses at Health Park stayed to work during Hurricane Ian. Even when their cars were submerged they continued providing assistance to their patients without hesitating.

So HealthPark was our first trip. They appeared to be really thrilled about the additional caffeine, too.

Thank you:

The Thank Yous, however, didn’t end there. A few more stops were made, including Golisano Children’s Hospital. The nurses there not only care for the children, but they also make sure that they are smiling too.
We thought that we should make those nurses’ faces smile as well. We continued our mission by visiting Gulf Coast Hospital, Lee Memorial, and of course Cape Coral Hospital too.

Coffee was undoubtedly a modest gesture on our part, but we hope it will encourage you guys to express gratitude to the people in your communities. Thank you notes go a long way, especially when they are given to people who serve as our inspiration.