Make a Gingerbread House from Pop-Tarts for a Chance to Win $15,000!

I could use some extra Holiday cash so I thought that i would give it a try. To make this gingerbread house, you’ll need 6 pop tarts of your choice. I went with the no frosting plain pop tart… Just kidding. Not a psycho!

We will be using ginger bread flavored pop tarts since I wanted to be as authentic as possible. It’s Christmas after all. I’m no expert but and I went with the square shape walls and triangular roof for a more conventional-looking gingerbread home.

My Gingerbread House:

Once I was done, I had to use a little restraint by not eating my latest work of Christmas craft.  So I wonder what my competition would be like. Could I live up to theirs? This might require a look at what the makers of Pop Tarts are using as an example of a good holiday house…

Okay! My house sucks. I’m not EVER winning any awards.

Well, this might be harder than it sounds because gingerbread doesn’t have the same structural stability as toasters.
This year, Kellogg’s encourages consumers to make gingerbread homes out of POP-TARTS. And the winner of the competition will receive $15,000 They publicized it by creating a false listing on Zillow.
It’s difficult to top the example they created. It is a furnished four-bedroom, two-bathroom house. Even the toilet lid and bathtub are Pop-Tarts. (They pointed out that it is situated on six tenths of an acre. This is the list.)

You must tag Pop-Tarts on Twitter or Instagram and include the hashtag “GingerbreadPopTartEntry” along with your images.

If you have those talents, you can even doodle your design, which sounds way simpler than ruining a box of toaster pastries like I did.

The deadline is December 16th at the end of the day. The complete rules are available at

Happy House making!