Florida Woman Files $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Mac and Cheese.

There have been A LOT of frivolous lawsuits since that McDonald’s hot coffee ruling in the 1990s, but this one is even more ridiculous.

I couldn’t tell you how many idiots were spilling scolding hot coffee on themselves because they thought they could get paid. Stupid. Well this lady is taking a cue from the stupid lawsuit playbook.

Amanda Ramirez, a Florida lady, is suing Kraft, the company that makes the microwaveable Shells & Cheese cups made by Velveeta, because she claims they are not telling the truth about how long the mac and cheese takes to prepare. Not fast enough if you ask me. I can/t wait for that cup of processed cheesy goodness to hit my lips.

Florida Mac and Cheese:

The real question is, how long does it take to cool off? Because the box states that the cups are “ready in three-and-a-half minutes,” Amanda alleges she purchased the product multiple times over the past few months and she claims the prepare time is NOT accurate, and they are aware of this.

The box contains a four-step set of instructions, and the microwave portion alone takes three and a half minutes. Evidently, that is what Kraft was getting at.

Amanda, however, contends that the box suggested that the whole procedure took that long. This lunatic must of been sitting there with a stopwatch. Actually I need to do that so I know how long until I won/t burn my tongue.

The remaining stages are to remove the cup’s cover, add water, then stir in the cheese sauce after three and a half minutes in the microwave.

The length of time it took Amanda to finish all the stages is not specified in the lawsuit. I had one of these, and the last three steps took me a total of 42 seconds when I moved as slow as a turtle.

In a class action lawsuit, Amanda’s attorneys are seeking damages of more than $5 MILLION. The argument is that consumers are paying more for this product than for comparable ones that don’t make false claims.

The lawsuit also admits that if the box said it takes “three-and-a-half minutes to COOK” instead of “READY in three-and-a-half minutes” there’d be no problem. Kraft hasn’t commented yet because you can’t argue with stupid.