This Morning a Psychic Contacted Deceased Power Ranger Jason David Frank In The Afterlife, And It’s Not Good.

Growing up as a kid, I was a huge fan of the Power Rangers. The Green Ranger was my absolute favorite.

It broke my heart recently when I found out that my childhood hero, Jason David Frank, star of the Power Rangers, passed away by suicide.

Jason David Frank:

He was one of the original stars of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show. Frank played the role of Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger. The actor was with the show for its first four seasons from 1993 to 1996. After that, he reprised his role in several movies and later spin-off TV shows. In total, he appeared in over 230 episodes of Power Rangers.

Jason was a fan favorite and his character was iconic. In 2010, he told ABC News that being the Green Ranger “changed my life.” “It gave me the confidence I never had,” he said. “I was a shy kid. … It gave mesomething to focus on and be confident about.”

Fans Shocked:

Recently, Fans expressed their shock and grief on social media upon learning of his death. “#RIPJasonDavidFrankYou were always so nice to us fans,” tweeted one fan. “You brought Tommy Oliver to life and inspiredso many kids (including myself) growing up,” wrote another.

This wasn’t the first time one of my boyhood heroes had died, but this one stung harder. This was painful. I used to imitate Tommy, his character in the amazing Morphin Power Rangers. I can still recall practicing my Ranger moves and growing out my hair. He was the coolest.

Psychic Gary Spivey:

Today, I had psychic Gary Spivey on The Morning Show; I must say, I had considered bringing up the subject last week, but I didn’t. I was scared. In the back of my mind, there was the question. Is he all right? I admit that there was a small part of me that laughed at how hard I was taking the tragic death of someone I’d never met in person. Honestly, I didn’t know Jason David Frank. I was just a fan.

As a child, he was a TV character that I adored watching, and like many others, he served as my hero. I was a fan who regrettably missed the opportunity to meet him. I suppose that’s why it hurt so much to learn that he had committed suicide. How is this even possible? He had a huge following of admirers! Why?


The Morning show’s listeners are aware of my fervent love of comic books AND my belief in the paranormal. Therefore, it makes sense that the text messages asking if I would question Psychic Gary Spivey about Jason David Frank would start to arrive. Despite my extreme reluctance, I wanted to make sure he was in a better place. That our hero was at peace. I posed this question to renowned psychic Gary Spivey, and his reply completely floored me…



Jason David Frank was loved by so many. I truly hope that he is finally at peace. I pray that he can feel the outpouring of admiration that we all had for him. Maybe you don’t believe in this sort of thing. How could I of helped him cross over? I’m just a fan, But That’s not what Jason David Frank called his fans. He called them friends.

Well,  I’m gonna miss you, my friend.

Help is available if you or someone you love is thinking about taking their own life. If you’re considering ending your life, think about calling the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988, or text “STRENGTH” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741, or go to


Jason David Frank, A look back……