Fire Destroys Attic of Mystery at Immokalee Burger King.

I worked at a Burger King restaurant during my high school years and it was a great experience. Firstly, you could learn a lot about customer service and how to work as part of a team. Secondly, you get to know the ins and outs of running a fast-food restaurant. Finally, one of the most important things you learn is how to not burn the place down.

Did you know that grease and water don’t mix? If you throw ice cubes into the fryers, you learn real quick.

Someone may have missed this lesson at one Immokalee Burger King. On Friday night the Immokalee Burger King suffered substantial damage from a grease fire.

According to NBC2, the roof and attic of the restaurant facility at 1260 N 15th Street were torched by the Burger King.  Currently, this brings up an important question. Burger King has an attic?! Who knows what was up there? Maybe the discontinued Rib King Sandwich? The possibilities!

Mystery at Burger King:

Perhaps Burger King had a stash of their former promotions kept up there? Remember the cash saving meal deal called the King Box? The items in this bundle were two cookies, a small soft drink, small fries, and an entrée. What happened to saving a couple bucks? Oh yeah. Inflation.

Luckily, the Immokalee Fire, North Collier Fire, and Collier County emergency services were in the area.

Due to the damage, the restaurant will still be closed at this time.

Naples Restaurant Makes OpenTable's List Of Most Beloved Restaurants In America

We have so many great places to eat in SWFL and one Naples restaurant made OpenTable’s list of the most beloved restaurants in America in 2022.

I love this time of the year when all the year-end lists come out. I especially like the foodie lists because it gives me so many great ideas here in Florida and throughout the country to try. Last week, Yelp released their top 100 list featuring some Florida restaurants and now OpenTable has released theirs.

How did they come up with the list?

To create a list like this would be quite a task with SO many great places to dine around the country. OpenTable is a restaurant reservation service company. To determine the most loved restaurants in America, they looked at 13 million reviews from its verified OpenTable Diners.

What’s also interesting about this list is that it shows that over the last year, people are willing to spend money on a good meal. In fact, OpenTable data shows that meals at restaurants that cost $50+ per person saw the largest increase compared to 2019. John Tsou is the VP of Marketing at OpenTable. He said in the press release: “Despite challenging macro-economic factors, we’re seeing a renewed vigor for dining out – diners are spending more on meals and going out during the weekday more frequently too. If you need ideas for great dining experiences now or in the new year, start with this year’s Top 100 list, based entirely on verified diner reviews.”

There are places in 47 cities across 21 states on the list. It probably won’t surprise you that California had the most with 21, followed by Illinois with 17. Florida and Nevada had 10 each. In fact, a restaurant in Naples is one of OpenTable’s most beloved in America.

10 Florida Restaurants on OpenTable’s List of Most Beloved Restaurants in America: