WHAT: Mardi Gras Festival

WHEN: SAT – FEB 11TH | 4-7 PM

WHERE: Gulf Coast Town Center, 10037 Gulf Center Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913

“Break out your beads – Costumes and festive attire encouraged!”

“Bring the whole family – furry, tall and small!”


Colorful Performers, a Mardi Paws Parade, Carnival-Style Games, Stilt Walker, Craft Station, Photo-Booth and so much more!


· King/Queen (18+) of Mardi Gras Raffle

· Prince/Princess (17 and under) of Mardi Gras Raffle


Bring a canned good item and/or a $5 cash donation in exchange for each of the following:

Balloon Twisting

Face Painting

 Frozen Mocktails ***Donations benefit the Community Cooperative

mardi gras

About Gulf Coast Town Center

Find everything you can dream of at Gulf Coast Town Center, home to more than 100 shops including marque national retail superstores, a vast array of restaurants and services featuring spa, fitness, health-wellness destinations. Come indulge on sweet treats and bring the family to comfortably enjoy restaurants with kids’ menus to satisfy everyone’s taste. Customers are invited to explore and shop the many retailers specializing in everything from fashion, beauty, electronics, gifts and home décor to sporting goods, outdoor adventures and more.

Come Shop, Dine & Explore all Gulf Coast Town Center has to offer! Visit for details and MORE upcoming events!


The Top Dog Names For 2023

I love puppies. Is there really anything better than a new little dog? They run full speed until exhaustion, then collapse. But what about a name? There’s a lot of choices when it comes to dog names.

It’s not something you want to rush in to. This is going to be your best friend for quite awhile. So you want the name to match. Or do you want to have fun with it. Name your dog Superman so you can yell for him ‘Superman where are you?” Or, name your dog “shark” and take him to the beach. I once had a friend who named his cat “Dog” and his dog ‘Cat. He was an odd person. I have a six pound Yorkie (two pounds when I got her) and I wanted to name her something fun. Something with a Florida feel to it. Alas, I’m not in charge of such things. My girl decided that the dog’s name is Daisy. And that’s that.

So what’s it going to be? A normal dog name, or something truly unique. Here’s what I’ll do. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has released its list of the most popular male and female dog names from 2022. Since we’re at the beginning of 2023 I’m guessing things haven’t changed much. Here’s the top dog names from their list.


  • Top Girl Dog Names

    dog names

    (Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)

  • 1. Luna

    Luna means ‘moon’.

  • 2. Bella

    Italian for ‘beautiful’.

  • 3. Daisy

    In Norse mythology, the daisy is known as the sacred flower for the goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

  • 4. Lucy

    Derived from the Latin word meaning ‘light’.

  • 5. Willow

    From the elegant willow tree.

  • 6. Penny

    Like the coin.

  • 7. Sadie

    From the Hebrew word meaning ‘princess’.

  • 8. Maggie

    Derived from the Greek word meaning ‘Pearl’.

  • 9. Rosie

    From the Latin word Rosa, meaning ‘Rose’. Also an AC/DC song.

  • 10. Ruby

    Rubies have signified passion, protection, and wealth.  The ruby has become a symbol of love and commitment.

  • Top Boy Dog Names

    dog names

    (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

  • 1. Max

    Literally means “to the greatest extent possible”. Which explains a lot of puppies.

  • 2. Milo

    In Slavic languages, the root mil- means “dear” or “beloved.”

  • 3. Cooper

    The name means “barrel maker.” Yeah, I don’t get it either.

  • 4. Charlie

    From German origins meaning “free man.”

  • 5. Teddy

    Teddy, which has French origins, means “wealthy protector,” “brave people,” and “God’s gift.”

  • 6. Tucker

    If your dog is rough and tumble, you should consider naming him Tucker.

  • 7. Buddy

    A close friend.

  • 8. Bear

    Strong and brave.

  • 9. Rocky

    Means rest or peace.

  • 10. Leo

    The lion.

Joe Winner spends his days combing through memes and off beat stories to bring you the side of Florida not always seen.