Only in Florida, a man in Daytona Beach was attacked by an alligator after opening his front door. Yes, you read that right. A man was just minding his own business, when suddenly an alligator decided to drop by for a visit.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the man heard a noise at his front door and assumed it was someone looking for his son. But when he opened the door, he was met with the sight of a hungry alligator lunging at him. I mean, who needs a doorbell when you have an alligator?

The poor guy was bitten in the upper thigh, but thankfully his injuries were not life-threatening. I guess you could say he got off easy, considering he just played a game of “alligator roulette” and lived to tell the tale.

Now, I’m no alligator expert, but I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be knocking on people’s doors. Did this alligator miss the memo about social distancing? Maybe it just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar for its swamp cake.

When the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrived on the scene, they found the alligator chilling by the front entrance to the house, like it owned the place. Fortunately, a trapper was called in to deal with the situation. And by deal with the situation, I mean euthanize the alligator.

It’s a sad ending for the alligator. I guess it learned the hard way that you can’t just go around biting people. Maybe it was just trying to make some new friends, or maybe it was just really hungry. Either way, this is one story that will go down in the history books as a prime example of Florida’s unique wildlife encounters.

Florida Alligator About To Attack An Egret Gets Eaten By Much Larger Alligator


Florida has been for quite awhile, the epicenter of crazy. This video posted yesterday highlights that. A Florida alligator was about to secure a meal – when he became one. The egret barely flinches. Just watches it all go down. This video was recorded somewhere in Florida. Not exactly sure where but based on the poster of the video I’m guessing around Jacksonville. Check out the video. The smaller gator had no idea that he was not the hunter, but the hunted.


It may seem crazy to people outside of Florida, but gator cannibalism is normal. I’ve seen many videos from the Everglades of big alligators eating smaller alligators. They don’t care. A meal is a meal. So when one Florida alligator takes out another, it’s normal.

Was the Florida alligator baited?

Here’s my take. The egret saw the alligator coming for him but made no move to get away. I think he let this happen. I’m thinking the egret and the large alligator have a deal in place. The egret is acting as bait. When a predator approaches, he’s focused on the kill and not paying full attention to his surroundings. The egret is a distraction so the big alligator can get a meal. The egret, in turn, gets protection from the big alligator. If the idea of animals teaming up on a hunt seems far fetched, you’ve never seen Jurassic Park.

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  • I'm not the only one who noticed

  • The bird just watches

  • Florida is crazy

    For anyone thinking of moving here, yes, this is normal. Stick around in our state long enough and you’ll see some crazy stuff. But an egret working with an alligator to act as bait? That one’s new to me.

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    Florida Circle K Gas Stations Will Start Selling Marijuana Next Year

    Starting in 2023, select Circle K gas stations in Florida will be branded as “RISE Express” stores. The Circle K Marijuana announcement came today as a joint venture between Circle K and multi-state cannabis operator Green Thumb. Green Thumb CEO Ben Kovler described the partnership as “a futuristic deal.”

    Here’s the rest of the details. The rebranded “RISE Express” stores will have a separate entrance from the gas station. You’ll need to get your Polar Pop from one counter and your weed from a separate transaction.

    The plan is to launch 10 of these stores next year as a test. If all goes well, expansion is likely. We don’t know yet where these locations will be or if any will be located in Southwest Florida.

    Also, you’ll need to have your medical marijuana card. That’s a Florida rule. The state only allows cannabis to be purchased for medical reasons.

    According to the Washington Examiner, “The partnership marks the first time cannabis will be available for purchase at a gas station.” Additionally, something I really did not expect.

    So starting next year you may be heading to the Circle K Marijuana store and utter the phrase “Yes $30 on 4 and a bag of mids please”.

    UPDATE (10/20/2022):  The Florida Department of Health has reached out with this comment:  “This project has not been approved by the State. Florida has never approved a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center to operate out of a gas station.”


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      Florida Man Returns Rental Car, Leaving Toddler In Back Seat

      Volusia County Deputies arrested a Florida Man after Hertz rental car employees found a toddler in the back seat of a returned vehicle. The grandfather returned the car to the Daytona Beach International Airport rental lot. He somehow forgot that he had a child in the backseat. Here’s the report from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office:

      “Employees at a car rental lot at Daytona Beach International Airport discovered a toddler who was left in the back seat of a returned vehicle for about 45 minutes Monday evening. The child was scared and hot, but thankfully in good health when checked by paramedics.

      Deputies assigned to the airport responded to the Hertz rental lot around 6 p.m. Monday.  A Hertz employee reported the toddler was found in a locked vehicle in the car return lot. Deputies arrived to find the employee carrying the child, whose face was warm and streaked with dried tears, but was breathing normally.
      The vehicle had been returned at 5:13 p.m., and deputies and airport staff initially were unable to make contact with the driver. Then a call came in from the child’s mother, who had just learned her father had left her daughter in the rental car – not at his home, as he’d told her. The mother was on her way to the airport immediately to be reunited with her child, who is just under the age of 2.


      The Florida Man was babysitting his granddaughter

      Through interviews and airport security video footage, detectives confirmed that 62-year-old David Towner of Port Orange had been babysitting his granddaughter for the day. He left her in the rental vehicle when he returned it. Towner was remorseful and cooperative with deputies. He was charged with one count of child neglect and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail.
      The temperature in the unshaded parking lot at the time of the incident was about 80 degrees.
      The child was returned to her mother and the Department of Children and Families was notified of the incident. Sheriff Mike Chitwood will be issuing citizens awards to the Hertz employees involved in the incident.”
      I’m guessing the Florida Man in the rental car won’t be babysitting again any time soon.

        Posted by Volusia Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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        With Hurricane Ian devastating our area, there are a lot of out of state linemen in town and they’re using dating apps to hook up with SWFL “bucket bunnies”. 

        All around town, there’s men who have come to Florida to help, and with linemen from 30 states coming to our rescue, there’s a lot of them. In fact, the other day on Instagram, I saw a picture from Lynq restaurant and brought it in to some co-workers and said “Girls, this is the time to find me a husband!” While I was kidding, maybe I shouldn’t have been, as these lonely men down here turning our power on, are looking to be turned on themselves.

        While that might be music to a single girl’s ears, it’s not for one group of ladies: the linemen’s wives.

        Ooh boy the drama is heating up. On TikTok, a lot of local ladies were quick to point out the influx in men on Tinder with their neon shirts and construction helmets. Meanwhile, the wives of these linemen on the apps have a new term for girls on the prowl: “bucket bunnies”. Of course this term is in reference to the bucket trucks that linemen stand in to reach the power lines and these single “bunnies” trying to tempt these men to cheat on their wives while they’re in town.

        This isn’t the only career in which a term like this has been invented. There’s “row hos” for pipeline workers, “patch chasers” for motorcyclists and “badge bunnies” for police officers.

        While I’m sure there’s plenty of ladies lookin’ right now, one TikTok user commented what the majority of us are thinking, “Most of us in Florida just want our power back on”.